Where can I view GSTIN of Snapdeal?

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To view GSTIN of Snapdeal in different states, click on the link below.

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How can I view HSN code and TAX rate for my product?

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The HSN code and TAX rate is published on the seller panel. Visit Catalog tab to check HSN code and applicable TAX rate for your product.

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How can I upload my signature and why is it required?

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As per the GST law, all tax invoices must carry seller signature hence you must upload your signature on panel.

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When I upload my GSTIN on seller panel it says ‘PAN Card and GSTIN not linked’ what is the reason for this and what can I do?

Frequently Asked Questions

Each taxpayer is allotted 15 digit Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number (GSTIN). This is as per state and based on the PAN number. If you get the error message ‘PAN Card and GSTIN not linked’ you must re-check the PAN details shared on snapdeal. This can be checked under Manage Profile section.

I have two different proprietary businesses with the same PAN. What would be the GST rule? I can't migrate from service tax (for business 1) to GST as I have already migrated from VAT/CST (for business 2) to GST. Should I apply for state GST enrolment?

Question from: Lobstar Fashion

You can register under GST for different business verticals subject to conditions specified under the law. Even if you have the same PAN, two separate registrations will be granted. You will have received two separate user IDs from Service Tax & State Tax Departments for the same. Yes, you should start enrolling for State GST Enrolment.

What will be the new rule for Central Value Added Tax (CEN VAT) credit for GST, as earlier it was not possible to get CEN VAT credit during CST purchase & WB VAT sale?

Question from: Lobstar Fashion

You would be able to take CENVAT Credit of CGST, SGST as well as IGST. The taxes paid under CGST can be offset against CGST & IGST. The taxes paid as SGST can be offset against SGST & IGST.

If I supply material to a dealer whose sale is less than Rs.20 lakh, how will he be covered under GST? Do I have to charge him?

Question from: Divine Innovation

GST will be charged by the seller. If the purchaser is not registered, the GST charged will be a cost for him since he will not be able to take CENVAT credit of the GST imposed on the goods purchased.

I have migrated from VAT to GST and status shows ‘migrated’. However, I haven’t received my GSTN as yet. Where I can procure it from?

Question from: Aarshe India (OPC) Private Limited

You must have received provisional GSTN on registering. This provisional GSTN is your GSTN for all purposes.

What will be the tax for watches category under GST?

Question from: Sapna Watch House-Chennai

Tax rates for categories are yet to be defined by the government.

Our turnover is less than Rs.20 lac. Is it compulsory for us to register under GST?

Question from: L.P.Enterprises

Yes. Any supplier of goods/services supplying through e-commerce operator is not entitled for threshold exemption. Hence, you are required to register under GST irrespective of your turnover.

What are the implications of GST for e-commerce sellers?

Question from: H-Store

Under GST, government has imposed a liability of 2% on the e-commerce operator to collect as TCS (tax collection at source) from sellers. Sellers will be allowed to take CENVAT credit of TCS against its output liability of GST in his electronic cash ledger. E-commerce operator shall submit details of outward supplies of goods/services along with returns and TCS. These details will be matched electronically with the details submitted by the seller.

When is the next live session on GST with experts?

Question from: Desi Juta

You can view the schedule of upcoming live session on GST on the portal.

I would like to know about the GST rates for our product portfolio. We are importers and traders of home and kitchen appliance

Question from: Irich Private Limited

Rates for suppliers are yet to be defined by the Government of India.

What is the procedure to submit/upload GSTN on the portal?


Visit the ‘Manage Profile’ section on your seller panel and submit your provisional GSTN.

What is the last date for procuring GSTN?

Question from: Aiza Collection

You are required to log in to the GST portal and procure GSTN by 30 Jun, 2017.

I am a seller from MP and I have VAT/TIN but this is not under CST. Once GST is implemented, can I use this number for pan-India sale and purchase without registration under CST or will I be required to register it as CST?

Question from: Procuretech Sales

Under GST, there will be two types of transactions only – inter-state (transactions from one state to another) and intra-state (transactions within the same state). For each transaction and for each registered place of business, you need to obtain GSTN. No separate registration will be required for intra-state or inbter0state transaction.

Please explain how will GST apply for returned products?

Question from: Deals Unlimited Etails Pvt Ltd

In case of returned/cancelled orders, credit note is required to be passed with the reversal of GST.

As per provisions under GST law, every e-commerce business is required to register in every state in which they are supplying goods/services. Since a seller operating in e-commerce business gets orders from all states, are they required to obtain registration in all the states?

Question from: Devin Clothing Company

No, seller is required to take registration only for places from where he is supplying goods, i.e. his place of business. Pick-up address of the seller as mentioned on the seller portal is a registered place of business. He is also required to register fulfilment centres as additional place of business.

What is the rate of GST?


The GST rates for different products have not been placed in the public domain.

Where can I apply for GST? I have Maharashtra VAT & CST.


GST enrollment can be done using the provisional ID and password provided by the state VAT authorities.The process can be completed at www.gst.gov.in . Currently the process for migration to GST is stopped. The enrollment window will reopen at a later date for taxpayers who have not yet enrolled.

If we send our products to SD Plus warehouse, do I have to mention the additional place of business in GST (i.e., the warehouse address) while registering? Or do I need to do a separate registration is required?

Question from: AARTI APPARELS

The SD Plus warehouse in a state would need to be mentioned as an additional place of business in the GST registration for the particular state. No separate registration would be required in the same state.

If I bought stock on 30/6/17 under vat 12.5% surcharge with input of 12.5, but if GST rate on electronics is 18%, then who will bear the diffrence in tax when GST is implemented on 1/7/17?

Question from: H K ELECTRONICS

The input claimed in VAT return would be carried forward under GST. However,as per your example, the differential between the 18% output rate and 12.5% input rate would have to be borne by the seller/trader. However,such a scenario may not arise as the tax rates under GST are not expected to widely differ from the existing tax rates.

"We have applied for GSTIN and the status is as follows:
Your Application for Enrolment of Existing Taxpayer in Haryana is submitted successfully against AA0603170476165 & 2017-03-31 22:56:14.698. The status of Your Provisional ID 06AACFW3003D1ZT has been changed from "Provisional" to "Migrated".

Question from: WIZOPT

This status shows that your existing VAT registration details have been migrated to the GST portal. You would be alloted a GSTIN based on the successful verification of the details and documents filed during the enrollment process.

We have got our GSTIN but when we tried to enter the number it asks the link with PAN. We are connected with PAN, why are we unable to submit it?


Please elaborate. In case the enrollment process is not proceeding because of linkage of PAN, please contact the state VAT authorities and the GST Helpline (0124-4688999) for a resolution.